Ricable - Magnus Jack to RCA Cable

Ricable - Magnus Jack to RCA Cable
  • Ricable - Magnus Jack to RCA Cable
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    Magnus JR
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Stereo Jack to 2 RCA Hi-End Cable

Magnus Signal Jack/RCA is a cable that has its big brothers in its DNA and, thanks to their know-how, delivers a precise, clean and neutral sound, ideal for all lovers of good sound.

  • +150% performance compared to a standard cable*.
  • Made in Italy
  • MARC© Copper Conductors
  • Copper/Tellurium connectors
  • Insulators derived from Dedalus

  • Magnus Jack, flexible and performing.

    The Magnus Jack series is developed on the basis of Magnus Signal to provide professional interconnects and headphone cables. To enable better usability, we have improved the flexibility and increased the mechanical strength of these products, while keeping the acoustic performance almost unchanged.


    Used to connect high level equipment, you will be surprised by the sound performance characterised by high transparency and naturalness. The sound is particularly neutral, in keeping with the Ricable tradition, and the control of the entire frequency range is excellent, resulting in a balanced and well characterised listening experience.


    The Magnus Jack series is available in various configurations with 3.5 / 6.3 mm Jacks, also male female, and with RCA/Jack connectors, to offer you a range of solutions ranging from Professional use (Events, DJs, stages) requiring above standard performances or to connect musical instruments with this type of connection. In the Hi-Fi world, the most common uses are for connecting or extending headphones, for connecting Jack peripherals to amplifiers that have RCA inputs, etc..


Quality from real Magnus.

PROJECT: Magnus Jack represents the first step towards perfect signal transmission. The technological solutions used are derived from the Dedalus series and guarantee an exclusive and durable support for your equipment.

MARC CONDUCTOR +70% Compared with OFC: 0.35 mm2 Copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) conductors with strands 0.08 mm smoother and more compact surface allow +70% better audio transmission than OFC Copper.

COPPER/TELLURIUM CONNECTORS 20% BETTER THAN BRASS: 3.5 mm Jack connectors made of Copper-Tellurium alloy plated with 24K Gold by electrolysis technique. With these connectors there is an improvement in electrical parameters of over 20% compared to common brass connectors.

PROTECTED FROM INTERFERENCE: Twisted geometry, supported by Double shielding with OFC copper spiral and Aluminium/Mylar foil, covers all audio frequencies from EMI/RFI interference. Insulation and conductor cord construction with crank pin detorsion to eliminate any stress on the conductors.

EASY INSTALLATION: Thanks to the exceptional raw materials used, Magnus Signal Jack has above-normal flexibility, allowing you to use it comfortably even in awkward situations.


Many solutions for you.

Whatever the application, it is clear that the Magnus Jack series is essential for those looking for superior audio quality, but also for those who need a customisable product. We have provided the following versions in our catalogue, which you can find in the main menu:

  • Cable Jack 3.5 mm male/male (MJ Series)
  • Cable Jack 6,3 mm male/male (KM Series)
  • Extension Jack 3.5 mm male / female (PJ Series)
  • Extension Jack 6,3 mm male / female (PK Series)
  • Cable Jack 3.5 mm / 2 RCA (JR Series)