Clef Audio Pure Sine 1200

Clef Audio Pure Sine 1200
  • Clef Audio Pure Sine 1200
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    Pure Sine 1200
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The Puresine-1200 is designed to focus on AC line correction on both waveform and voltage level. The PS-1200 output is very low distortion Sinewave, less than 0.8% distortion, which is very close to ideal AC line waveform. The equipment connected to PS-1200 will operate at optimum condition resulting in gaining maximum performance. Besides AC line waveform correction, PS-1200 output also stabilizes at 220V± 0.8% during the AC input fluctuation between 210V - 245V.



1. Venus Engine   This advanced design circuit continuously monitors, analyzes and corrects the AC line output waveform and voltage level in analog real-time mode, the AC output is very constant at all time which could not be found in conventional stabilizer in the market.

2. Polaris IV Technology   This is Clef proprietary filter technology which is different from common filter design. The common filter design usually filters only high and very high frequency. Polaris filter in PureSINE-1200 is designed to work from 10KHz upward which is the frequency band that affects the sound and video quality. Polaris filter can reduce the noise in AC line over 95% of total noise so the improvement of sound and picture quality can be clearly detected.

3. Vega Filter Technology   For video improvement, new Vega filter is used for reduce high frequency noise in video band.

4.Polaris Plus Technology   This circuit will remove any DC voltage that usually exist on AC line.  The equipment will work more efficiently after the DC voltage is removed.

5.   Star Wiring Technic   This is special technic which totally separate the wiring to each duplex. This will reduce the crosstalk between duplex and increase maximum current delivered the equipment.

Technical Specification

Rated input voltage:   196-240 V AC    
Spike Protection Modes:   L-N, N-G, L-G       
Spike Clamping Voltage:   800 V peak @ 3,000 amps, 275 VAC RMS     
Response time:   1 nanosecond    
Maximum surge current:   13,000 amps (8 x 20 mS pulse)    
Maximum spike energy:   1,440 Joules total     
Noise attenuation:   >10 dB @ 10 kHz, >46 dB @ 100 kHz,
                             >100 dB @ 1-10 MHZ
Rated output capacity:   1,200 W     
Rated output voltage:   220 V AC ±0.5 %
Rated output current:   5.2 A     
Output frequency:   50 Hz     
Instantaneous peak current capacity:   15 A     
Output waveform THD:   0.2% or less @INPUT THD 3%    
Input frequency:   50 Hz     
No-load power consumption:   45 W     
Efficiency:   70 % 1200 W Load @ 230V AC Input    
Meter:   Dual Digital True RMS Meter         
Dimensions:   Width 432 mm (17.0"),  Height 104 mm (4.0"),  
Depth 344 mm (13.5”)

Weight : 13.5 kg net, 14.5kg in shipping Carton.