Oyaide TUNAMI TERZO XX V2 XLR Cable 1M Made in JP

Oyaide TUNAMI TERZO XX V2 XLR Cable 1M Made in JP
  • Oyaide TUNAMI TERZO XX V2 XLR Cable 1M Made in JP
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"TUNAMI TERZO XX V2" is the flagship model of our RCA cable, it is Oyaide's flagship cable "TUNAMI TERZO V2", equipped with the original XLR plug "FOCUS1". The conductor cross-sectional area of "TUNAMI TERZO V2" is over 1.25, which is not common for interconnecting cables. Oyaide's latest conductor 102 SSC is applied to the conductor. It has an unprecedented high-precision conductor, has a 3E twisted structure, and can be wound into a perfect circle. In addition, the traditional 3-layer shielding of the TUNAMI series and the luxurious use of Oyaide's original "FOCUS 1" as XLR plugs.

At last, the third and final chapter of "TUNAMI series" is coming to the scene. Following the success of TUNAMI GPX power cable, and TUNAMI NIGO speaker cable, TUNAMI TERZO is produced as a signal line interconnects cable to enhance the unlimited potential of TUNAMI power cable. Although it has the same concepts of TUNAMI, it is planned to reborn as a signal interconnect cable without changing the basic structure and material. In addition to its well-built architecture, TUNAMI TERZO RR is equipped with the newly-developed RCA connecter, GENESIS, and TUNAMI TERZO XX is equipped with the original premium XLR connecter, FOCUS 1. TUNAMI TERZO is a proper product to conclude the legend of TUNAMI.


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Product name TUNAMI TERZO XX V2

Cable structure 2-core cabtyre
Cable conductor 102SSC
Cable conductor area 1.25SQ (37 / 3E twist)
Cable insulator Polymer polyolefin
Cable shield 1 layer-Electromagnetic wave absorber (amorphous-containing polyolefin)
2 layers-copper foil tape
3 layers --102SSC horizontal winding (160 pieces / 0.12mm)
Cable exterior sheath polyurethane
Cable outer diameter 8.8mm
XLR plug FOCUS1 (phosphor bronze machined contact + silver / rhodium plated)


Length : 1M