Usher R-1.5 Power Amplifier

Usher R-1.5 Power Amplifier
  • Usher R-1.5 Power Amplifier
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The R-1.5 amplifier is designed to drive all speakers to produce a warm-toned "vacuum tube" sound quality. The use of high-quality components, including metal film resistors and film capacitors, enhances Arthur's reputation in high-quality manufacturing. High-power bipolar transistors designed by Motorola can meet complex power and current requirements. Its large-scale AC power transformer can be used in conjunction with a high-capacitance filter system to obtain the purest sound. Other features include Burrow-Brown OPA2134P Sound Plus series arithmetic optimized amplifiers, bridge switches for mono function operation, banana plugs and direct-lock bare wire terminals, as well as additional optional balanced inputs and on the front and rear panels. Large handle.
power consumption: 7W maximum
main voltage: 100V,120V, 200V, 230V or 240V AC@50/60Hz
inputs: 7 stereo single-ended(RCA)
1 stereo single-ended(RCA)phono
outputs: 2 stereo single-ended(RCA)
gain: 14.3 dB
S/N: 105 dB
input overload: 2.34V rms
input impedance: 47k Ohm
outputs impedance: 120 Ohm
maximum output (MAIN outputs): 15.3V rms
frequency Response: 10Hz~100kHz
weight: 4kgs
overall dimensions (w x d x h): 43 cm x 28.8 cm x 7.9 cm


shipping weight: 5 kgs /pc
shipping box (w x d x h): 56 cm x 35 cm x 16 cm