Atacama Storm 10 HiFi Rack Base Module

Atacama Storm 10 HiFi Rack Base Module
  • Atacama Storm 10 HiFi Rack Base Module
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    Storm 10 Base Module
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* Please note If you choose Dark Oak color , every single shelf need to add HK$200*

The Apollo Storm 10 is not just an attractive piece of furniture; it has primarily been designed to maximize the performance of the equipment supported upon it.

Four storage heights and manufactured out of warp resistant 27-30mm solid hardwood composite wood for strength and resonance absorption, each of the individual modules legs feature three additional levels of isolation.

First, a polymer isolation disc separates the outer leg collar from the wood forming a barrier between each of the wood and outer leg components. The second line of isolation is the leg spike cap. This too is a polymer construction, so the leg outer collar is completely isolated from residual sonic feedback present when playing music. Inside each of the leg spike caps a press fit brass screw thread has been inserted. (brass being chosen for its slow energy proliferation speed) with the third and final level of isolation has been achieved with the use of fully adjustable 8mm Bright Zinc Plated steel spikes and matching lock nuts.

Please Note:- Oak is a natural material, so block colour variation, knots and grain texture is part of the intrinsic beauty of this hifi support. Every module is aesthetically unique and will darken over time as part of the woods ageing process, especially if exposed to sunlight. This difference will be enhanced should you add new extra shelving at a later date, so where possible purchase your Apollo Storm as a complete matched set taking into account your future storage requirements.


This Product is Designed and Manufactured in the UK.

Atacama Storm 10 HiFi Rack Base Module

Made with Premium Grade Oak woord

Apollo Storm use modular design, customer can change height or add module easily

CNC production to guarantee accuracy

Individual spike for each module to ensure isolation of vibration

Carbon steel support leg to ensure strong support

3 levels isolation design to ensure optimize performance

Choice of height : 60mm (base), 135mm, 185mm, 235mm, 300mm

Outer dimension : 990mm x 450mm

Inner dimension : 910mm x 450mm

External height : Leg height + 27mm

Loading capacity : 35kg

Made In UK