Ricable Primus RCA Cable

Ricable Primus RCA Cable
  • Ricable Primus RCA Cable
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Your first step into the world of Hi-Fi

Primus Signal is the ideal basis for entering the world of Hi-Fi. It is a Stereo cable to connect the Analogue Source to the Amplifier. Quality is never sacrificed, even at an affordable price.

+70% performance compared to a standard cable*.

MARC© Copper Conductors

Completely Made in Italy


PRIMUS SIGNAL - Audio Cable RCA Stereo interconnect Hi-Fi

Stereo cable to connect your analogue source to your amplifier. Primus Signal is the ideal base to enter the world of Hi-Fi. Conductors made of MARC 7N Copper and Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Primus Signal

Listening to music is a passion that has accompanied mankind since time immemorial and today, thanks to technology, we can listen to any author on very different media and systems.

In budget stereo Hi-Fi, however, it is really important to pay attention to the connection, because the use of standard cables does not allow a good management of audio streams and consequently interference, background noise and frequency cuts blend with the sound produced by the devices, with the final result of a flat, anonymous, metallic and confused sound.


Key features

Primus Signal is designed to provide you with quality support. It is designed and handmade in Italy and is well calibrated for all Entry Level systems. It allows your electronics not to deteriorate the listening experience due to poor quality cables.

The Primus series is the ideal starting point for the entry into High Fidelity, it guarantees to first level systems the right connection, thanks to a constructive realization derived from the leading products Ricable . Despite being the entry level range, it strikes a balance between price and performance.

  • CONDUCTOR: 0.34mm2conductorsmade of copper7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) with 0.15 mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface allow 70% better audio transmission than OFC copper.
  • GEOMETRY: Phono geometry with Polyethylene insulation for better capacitance value and extra flexible outer sheath with protective sleeve.
  • CONNECTORS: Gold-plated RCA with hot-pole and reinforced ground loops for better connection. Teflon dielectric
  • DOUBLE SHIELDING: The double shielding, external copper and internal Aluminium/Mylar foil, covers all audio frequencies from EMI/RFI interference.
  • PRODUCT: Primus Signal is handcrafted in Italy from materials that allow for high flexibility and preserve the performance of your system, extending its life.

Primus Signal Series models:

mod. PR05: Pair of 0.5 metre cables
mod. PR1: 1 metre pair of cables
mod. PR2: 2 metres pair of cables
PR3: Pair of 3-meter cables