Ricable Dedalus Digital Coaxial Cable

Ricable Dedalus Digital Coaxial Cable
  • Ricable Dedalus Digital Coaxial Cable
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    Dedalus DC
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    Digital Coaxial Cable
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Digital gets hot

Dedalus Coaxial is made by drawing heavily from the top series Invictus and the result is extremely interesting. It has a warm and well-detailed acoustic and is the optimal support for your digital connections.

+300% performance compared to a standard cable*.

Conductor 1.20 mm2 Copper MARC©

R-TEC shielding

R-TEC Special Dielectric

Copper RCC© connectors


DEDALUS COAXIAL - Hi-End Coaxial Digital 75 Ohm RCA Hi-Fi Cable

Ideal for connecting DACs in digital audio with high quality equipment and bringing out their acoustic performance. MARC 7N Copper conductor and Pure Copper connectors.

Dedalus Coaxial

Digital Audio is the most meticulous reproduction technology has to offer to make every moment we spend cultivating our passion unique. Ever since man invented audio coding to transmit sound in the form of electric INTERCONNECT , there has been a continuous escalation of improvements in order to provide us with impeccable transmission quality today. However, the number one enemy is 'noise', i.e. the set of unexpected and unwanted signals that our equipment handles as sound and therefore amplifies and reproduces in the music we listen to.

Key features

Dedalus Coaxial has been designed to eliminate the possibility of such contamination and to achieve an exact and precise digital signal.

DESIGN: Directly derived from Invictus Coaxial, it is the ideal support for Digital Audio connections of high-precision equipment such as dedicated DACs, reading machines and Top of the Range Home Cinema amplifiers.

MARC conductor70% compared to OFC: 1.2 mm2 conductors made of copper 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) with 0.08 mm strands with a smoother and more compact surface, allowing 70% better audio transmission than OFC copper.

COPPER CONNECTORS OFC 30% compared to BRASS: All-copper RCA connectors with hot-pole expansion system. With these connectors there is an improvement in electrical parameters of over 30% compared to common brass connectors. 24K Gold plated with specific Gold/Copper electrolysis technique.

75 OHM CONSTANT: Coaxial geometry with dielectric insulation in special high expansion polyethylene. The covering of the conductor is carried out with a floating point centring instrument, capable of keeping the conductor always perfectly in the centre of the dielectric.

SAFE FROM NOISE: The double shielding in OFC copper Aluminium/Magnesium foil is made with a special process that allows Total Coverage on all sensitive frequencies for sound reproduction.

Models of the Dedalus Coaxial Series:


mod. DC05: 0.5 metre cable

DC1: 1 metre cable

DC2: 2 metre cable

DC3: 3 metre cable

DC5: 5 metre cable