Ricable - Invitus Speaker Jumper Cable

Ricable - Invitus Speaker Jumper Cable
  • Ricable - Invitus Speaker Jumper Cable
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Jumper set for connecting high and low terminals of high fidelity loudspeakers. Ideal in combination with cables Invictus Reference Speaker. MARC 7N copper conductor and pure copper connectors.

Invictus Bridge

Your hi-fi system is like a jigsaw puzzle in which each component plays an important role in forming the final picture. Attention to detail is important to ensure smooth, unobstructed listening of the signal, starting from the source and ending with the loudspeakers. Invictus Bridges were created with the intention of offering the best possible replacement for the stock jumpers in your loudspeakers. High-end loudspeakers often have 4 binding posts because they offer the possibility of Bi-Wiring or Bi-Amping. If they are not used in such configurations, the Hight Level binding posts should be connected to the Low Level binding posts. All loudspeaker manufacturers supply jumpers, which are usually a poor quality brass plate. This situation has enormous disadvantages in reproduction, because the signal Speaker is not transmitted with the same purity as that coming from the amplifier when using quality speaker cables. To remedy this situation and get the best sound, simply replace the supplied jumpers with Ricable Invictus Bridges, thus putting your system in the best possible condition for reproduction.




Key features

Ricable Invictus Bridges are designed to work best with our Top of the Range cables, but are of course also suitable for lesser speaker cables.


MARC CONDUCTOR 70% compared to OFC: 7.60 mm2 Invictus Reference conductors made of 7N MARC (Multicore Annealed Ricable Conductor) Copper with strands 0.08 mm with smoother and more compact surface allowing 70% better audio transmission than OFC Copper.

COMPROMISE-FREE CONSTRUCTION: Hexaphonic geometry with 1038 triple-twisted structured wires on a polymer-insulated central conductor.

FORALL NEEDS: Invictus Bridge are available in two versions. With pure Copper Forks on both sides or with Copper/Tellurium Forks on one side and Copper/Tellurium Bananas on the other side. The high flexibility and the length of 18 cm allow the use in all loudspeakers, both when the terminals are very close to each other and when they have large distances. The double-overhang spades accepts all types of clamps with diameters up to 8 mm.

MADE BYHAND IN ITALY BY RICABLE: Every step of the production process is carried out entirely by hand and the checks on every single piece are maniacal, with the use of new tools and testing procedures, but above all with the help of meticulous human control. From the union of Technology and Italian Craftsmanship, the cables INVICTUS Made in Italy are born.

Series models Invictus Bridge :

mod. RPF: Fork / FORK version

mod. RPB: Fork / BANANA version