Atacama Eris2 ECO 5.0 Base Shelf Module

Atacama Eris2 ECO 5.0 Base Shelf Module
  • Atacama Eris2 ECO 5.0 Base Shelf Module
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    Atacama Eris2 ECO 5.0 Base Shelf Module
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Developed from the Eris Eco 5.0 which was awarded WHAT HIFI? SOUND AND VISION magazine "BEST EQUIPMENT SUPPORT" WINNER 2012 and 2013, the enhanced specification Eris2 Eco 5.0 has been updated with increased rigidity, improved stability, taller and more adaptable leg height options and an increased weight capacity.


Featuring high density carbonized bamboo resin composite material for the shelving, The ERIS2 Eco 5.0 HiFi rack utilizes steel powder coated leg tubes and laser cut frame components within its construction.

Upon assembly, Eris2 modules are isolated from each other via three fully adjustable 8mm carbon steel spikes that are incorporated into a Nylon cone cup/ Brass insert interface.

Four leg height options are available with the option that should you wish to change the storage heights the required leg components can be purchased later allowing the Eris2 to adapt to the changing requirements of your hifi storage needs.

When building your rack, a BASE module must be used as the lowest level of storage as this will guarantee the best possible stability.

Please note: - Bamboo is a natural material so colour, texture, grain and age will give a variable appearance to each shelf. Aesthetically every Eris2 Bamboo panel is unique which is part of the intrinsic beauty of the wood.

When ordering multiple modules, our craftsmen will attempt to combine a set that have a similar colour and grain pattern, however, there will be variations. Should you wish to add an extra module later there will be a batch /colour/ grain tonal difference.

Where possible order your Eris2 as a complete modular support with enough levels to fulfil possible future requirements in order to minimize this variation. There may be some darkening of the Bamboo over time. This is normal and part of the materials maturing process.

Eris2 modules are interchangeable with previous versions of Eris, however internal storage height gaps will be different from those stated due to the leg interfaces being in a different position. If placing a new Eris2 shelf into a previous model standard Eris rack you will gain 30mm to the internal storage height of the Eris2 shelf, however you will lose 35mm internal height within a previous model Eris shelf module should it be placed upon an Eris2 module.

All Eris2 Eco 5.0 modules are proudly manufactured and hand finished in Great Britain at our Leicestershire based factory.

If A Eris2 Base module is used as a shelf module, the internal storage gap will be 25mm.

Width: 600mm

Height: 820mm

The height of the bottom from the ground: 60mm

Height from the bottom layer to the second layer: 255mm

Height from the second floor to the third floor: 200mm

The highest panel height from the third layer: 150mm

30kg per module

Size of each board: 490mm x 500mm