Oyaide PA-2075 DR V2

Oyaide PA-2075 DR V2
  • Oyaide PA-2075 DR V2
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    PA-2075 DR V2
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New phono cable "PA-2075 V2" using precision conductor "102SSC".
While inheriting the basic structure of the previous generation "PA-2075", the patented technology "3E stranding" for stranding conductors has been introduced.

"3E stranding" is a patented technology that can geometrically twist three types of wires with different wire diameters to make the conductors denser.
Adopt the parallel arrangement of coaxial structure signal lines.

Fluororesin (PFA) with excellent electrical characteristics is used as an insulator.
Foamed polyethylene is used for insertion to reduce signal transmission loss due to low capacitance.
The carbon layer/horizontal winding shielding layer can shield the static electricity that adversely affects the sound quality and protect the signal from noise.
The horizontal winding shielding layer also uses precision conductor 102SSC, and arranges 50 0.18mm wires.
The outside is a halogen-free jacket for audio, with excellent shock absorption.
Change the ground wire to a new silver-plated copper wire.

The conductor cross-sectional area of ​​the grounding wire is changed to a thicker wire to enhance the grounding effect (0.18→0.3SQ).
The jacket engraving is marked with "PA-2075 V2" and "102SSC" to clearly indicate the V2 model.
RCA plugs and 5-pin DIN plugs are equipped with specially designed brass + rhodium-plated products.
The plugs and cables are soldered with lead-free silver solder "SS-47" dedicated to audio.

Product specifications:

Project name PA-2075DR V2
Cable PA-2075 V 2 1.0m
Cable structure The two conductor shielding layers are parallel (there is a grounding wire between them)
Cable conductor 102 SSC
Cable conductor area 0.5 SQ (19/ 3E structure)
Cable insulation Fluorine resin (PFA)
Insulator Expanded polyethylene
Cable shielding 1 layer-carbon compound, 2 layers-102 SSC horizontal winding (50 wires / 0.18 mm)
Cable sheath Halogen-free sheath for audio (navy blue)
Ground wire Silver-plated copper wire (0.3 SQ 12 / 0.18)
Cable outer diameter 5.2 mm × 12.4 mm
RCA plug brass/rhodium plating + insulating fluororesin
5PIN connector brass/rhodium plating + insulating fluororesin
Y ground plug brass/rhodium plating