Oyaide Tunami II GPX-R V2 1.8M Power Cable

Oyaide Tunami II GPX-R V2 1.8M Power Cable
  • Oyaide Tunami II GPX-R V2 1.8M Power Cable
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    GPX-R V2
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    Power Cable
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Precision conductor "102 SSC"
The cable part has a precision conductor "102SSC" wire.

In order to avoid impurities as much as possible, pure copper that does not contain any recycled copper is used.

Remove 100% of impurities adhering to the surface.

In order to make the signal transmission on the surface of the conductor more smooth, a natural diamond mold is used to make the wire thinner to improve the smoothness of the wire's surface.

The processing accuracy of the thin wire is ±1μm, which is far below the standard error of ±8μm.

In the stranding process, a high-density multi-path conductor 3E stranded wire structure (patent) is used to increase the density and roundness and stabilize the electrical characteristics.

The mechanical stress and strain of the wire are eliminated by two annealing.

More complete product management.


​Withstand voltage 600V, maximum 30 ampere, conductor cross-sectional area is 5.5 SQ


Provides high power transmission with 600V withstand voltage and a maximum of 30 amps, as well as excellent responsiveness.

The short-pitch stranded wires are twisted by 1.15 times the usual, which eliminates random gaps in the conductor and suppresses the degradation of sound quality due to distortion between the wires.

Use insulating materials with excellent electrical properties

High-molecular-weight polyolefins with excellent electrical properties are used for insulating coatings of conductors. Compared with general PVC insulation,

The dielectric constant can show a very low 1/4 value, reducing signal loss.

In addition, by using a polymer polyolefin material that is different from the exterior and the interior, the effect of resonance on sound can be prevented.

Three-layer shielding with electromagnetic wave absorber/carbon layer/copper foil has the ultimate noise protection.

The first layer: electromagnetic wave absorber/the second layer: carbon layer/the third layer: three-layer shielding with copper foil. By mixing the electromagnetic wave absorber into the compound, when the current flows through the cable in the first layer, weak vibration will be generated, and the electrostatically charged substance will be discharged due to the vibration. Therefore, a semiconductor layer (carbon layer) is provided in the second layer to promote the discharge of static electricity without affecting the conductor. A copper foil shielding layer is provided on the third layer to protect the conductor from external noise. In addition, the copper foil shielding layer close to the drain wire further improves the signal-to-noise ratio and approaches a perfect anti-noise solution.

Aspirin White P/C-046 Special Edition is specially designed for TUNAMI GPX-R V2.

The power plug of TUNAMI GPX-R V2 and the electrode of IEC connector have been polished one by one by hand.

TUNAMI GPX-R V2 is plated with platinum/palladium (P/C-004 special edition) specially designed for polished beryllium electrodes. The plating thickness of the electrode is thicker than ordinary P/C-004.

Product specifications:

Project name TUNAMI GPX-R V 2
Cable part TUNAMI V2 (1.8 meters)
Cable structure 3-core multi-layer shielding
Cable conductor 102 SSC (electrical conductor) + OFC (ground wire)
Cable conductor cross section 5.5 SQ (69 lines/0.32 mm)
Cable insulator polymer polyolefin
Cable shield 1 layer-electromagnetic wave absorber (amorphous polyolefin containing)
Layer 2-Semiconductor (carbon-containing compound)
3 layers-copper foil tape (with drain wire)
Cable sheath Polyurethane
Cable outer diameter 15.0 mm
Power plug and IEC connector P / C-004 SPECIAL EDITION (Aspirin White)
Electrode material and electroplating beryllium bronze surface polishing + platinum/palladium electroplating
Rated 125 V / 15 A E certification items