TEAC CG-10M-A Master Clock Generator

TEAC CG-10M-A Master Clock Generator
  • TEAC CG-10M-A Master Clock Generator
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The CG-10M is a master clock generator that delivers an extremely accurate clock signal to allow Digital-to-analogueue converters (DACs) to perform at their ultimate best. It is a well-known fact among audiophiles that the clock signal is the foundation for all digital signal processing. For examplen digital signalsn such as PCMn are divided extremely finely into tens of thousands of parts per second along the time axis. If that fundamental time axis
fluctuates during the process of D/A conversion it is much more difficult to render an analogue audio waveform that is identical to the original. This is all the more true with DSD audio signals
that function at MHz speeds in the time axis. For this reasonn having as accurate a clock signal as possible is very important for the re-creation of digital audio signalsn particularly HiRes files
that use ultra high sampling-ratesn such as DSD 22.5MHz or PCM 768kHz.
At the heart of the master clock generator is a crystal oscillatorn encased in in a temperaturecontrolled box, the "oven"n to maintain the best and stable performance under an ideal temperature condition for crystal oscillation. This oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO, for short) generates an extremely accurate 10MHz clock signal which is within ±3 ppb of frequency
temperature characteristics and within ±0.1 ppm of frequency precision.
The elegant analogue gauge on the front panel gives a visual indication of the status of the internal crystal oscillator at all times..

The CG-10M is a master clock generator that brings out the best performance from USB DACs, network players, CD players and any other kind of device that supports a 10MHz clock input.

New Reference OCXO – an Oven-controlled Crystal Oscillator

Since temperature has a huge effect on accuracy of the crystal oscillator, minimising temperature changes and maintaining it at an ideal level are extremely important in order to generate an accurate clock signal. The CG-10M employs an innovative oven-controlled crystal oscillator, the TEAC Reference OCXO to reduce oscillation frequency fluctuations caused by temperature changes.

A class-leading ultra high-precision clock

Thanks to the TEAC Reference OCXOn the CG-10M delivers an ultra high-precision 10MHz clock signal – within ±3 ppb of frequency temperature characteristics and within ±0.1 ppm of
frequency precision – to USB DACs and digital players.
A unique laser-engraved serial number and the TEAC Reference OCXO logo on every OCXC case is proof of the rigorous quality inspection undertaken during the manufacturing process.

Four BNC clock output connectors

Four gold-plated BNC connectors (50 ohms) are provided to deliver clock signals to multiple devices. Up to four devices that support a 10MHz input may be connected simultaneouslyn including USB DACs, network players and SA-CD players.

Independent and isolated circuit design

Each circuit in the CG-10M – from the power supply section to the buffer-amp at the output stagen – is completely isolated to prevent cross-interference when multiple devices are connected to the BNC connectors. By incorporating a buffer-amp into each circuitn no degradation of the signal waveform occurs when the generated clock signal is shared by several devices.

Oven Status Gauge for clock stability monitoring

The OVEN STATUS analogue gauge located in the middle of the
unitn a TEAC trademark in recent yearsn shows the stability of the
crystal oscillator when in use. As the temperature of the oven that
contains the crystal oscillator reaches to the ideal temperature for
accurate clock generationn power consumption of the oven
decreases and the gauge points to zeron signaling to the user that
the digital processing on the connected device is now controlled
by an extremely accurate 10MHz clock signal. The gauge is a backlit-type with a dimmer control (including the
ability to completely switch the backlight off).

Toroidal-core power transformer

A high-capacityn toroidal-core power transformer constantly supplies a constant, stable current that contributes greatly to the efficacy of the crucial clock generation and its subsequent high-precision output.

Three-position, patented ‘Pin-Point’ feet for perfect stability

The CG-10M employs TEAC's patented ‘Pin-Point’ feet. These ingeniously comprises two separated metal sections in a in an integrated housing. One is has a spiked top and is attached to the bottom of the chassisn the other is a basin-shaped base that hangs down from the spiked section with a flange-shaped cup to simply installation. Three ‘Pin-Point’ foot are used for supportn two at the front and one at the rearn for excellent stabilityn even on an uneven floor. As a resultn the three ‘Pin-Point’ feet help improve the accuracy of clock oscillation by minimising vibrations and resonance. Thisn in turnn reduces mid and low frequency muddiness, improves the soundstage and enhances fine sound detail.

A robust full-metal chassis, combined with an A4-size footprint

Designed to match the successful Reference 500 seriesn the CG-10M features aluminum panels and a robust metal chassis (that also isolates it from electromagnetic noise) with a compact A4-size footprint that will fit anywhere.

Features at-a-glance

  • High-precision "TEAC Reference OCXO" – an ‘oven-controlled’ crystal oscillator
  • ±3 ppb frequency temperature characteristics
  • ±0.1 ppm frequency precision
  • 4 x 10MHz clock output connectors (gold-plated BNCs)
  • Completely independent and isolated circuit
  • High capacity toroidal-core power transformer
  • OVEN STATUS gauge for oscillation stability monitor with dimmable backlight
  • Patent-registered ‘Pin-Point’ feet to minimise vibrations*
  • Three feet for the perfect support
  • Full-metal body to eliminate incoming electromagnetic noise
  • Detachable 3-pole IEC power socket
  • Compatible with TEAC UD-503, UD-505, UD-701, NT-503 and NT-505 (as of March 2021)
  • Compliant with RoHS

For more specifications, see the datasheet in the downloads tab.

Included accessories

  • Power cord
  • Feet pads
  • Owner's manual
Clock output
Interface BNC×4 (gold-plated)
Output sampling frequency 10MHz
Output impedance 50Ω
Output level 0.5Vrms (sine wave)
OCXO (Crystal Oscillator)
Clock stabilization time 2 minutes
Frequency temperature characteristics within +/- 3ppb* ppb=10-9
Cycle number accuracy within +/- 0.1ppm (when leaving the factory) * ppm=10-6
China/Hong Kong model AC220V 50Hz
Taiwan model AC120V 60Hz
Power consumption
China/Hong Kong model 15.8W (top heat), 10.8W (stable)
Taiwan model 15.4W (top heat), 10.0W (stable)
Dimensions (including protruding parts) 290(W)×84.5(H)×248.7(D)mm / 11.4”(W)×3.3”(H)×9.8”(D)
Weight 3.6 kg / 7.9 lb
Operating temperature range +5℃ to +35℃
Operating humidity range 5% to 85% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature range -20℃ to +55℃
Accessories Power cord, pad × 3, user manual (including warranty card)