Oyaide Vondita-X 1.8M Power Cable

Oyaide Vondita-X 1.8M Power Cable
  • Oyaide Vondita-X 1.8M Power Cable
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Coquettish and beautiful tone

A beautiful and magical artwork, VONDITA-X

As the highest quality power plug, V-XY / V-XX dedicated power plug connector for VONDI TA-X has been newly created based on M1 / F1 which has captivated audio files all over the world.

Like the M1 / F1, the inner housing uses POM (polyacetal), which has both excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation. A2017, which is famous as duralumin, is used for the outer housing, which has excellent strength as well as noise resistance, and quickly disperses and suppresses vibration. The housing structure that combines these two materials suppresses the generation of unnecessary incidental sounds.

In order to achieve the best sound, the plug is platinum-palladium plated and the connector is gold-plated. Like M1 / F1, the electrodes are made of beryllium copper, which has excellent range characteristics. With these, it is possible to express a singing voice with a glossy core that depicts the expanse of space appropriate for playing music attractively.

Product name VONDITA-X
Cable part VONDITA (1.8m)
Cable structure 3-core cabtyre
Cable conductor 102SSC (hot / cold / ground)
Cable conductor area 4.0sq (SPECIAL STRANDED)
Cable insulator Polymer polyolefin
Cable shield copper foil tape
Cable exterior sheath PVC + polyolefin
Cable outer diameter 13.0mm
Power plug & connector V-XY / V-XX
Electrode material & plating Beryllium copper / platinum / palladium / gold plating