Titan Audio Eros Mains Block + Eros Power Cable 1.5M US/UK (Combo Set)

Titan Audio Eros Mains Block + Eros Power Cable 1.5M US/UK (Combo Set)
  • Titan Audio Eros Mains Block + Eros Power Cable 1.5M US/UK (Combo Set)
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    Eros Block + Eros Power Cable
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    Power Distribution Block
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Hand Made in UK

US 6 way

UK 6 way

Eros Mains Block

Unlike most power distribution blocks which are busbar (meaning they are all connected via solid metal bars) thus causing a reduction in power delivery as you descend down the unit. This in turn leads to a noticeable reduction in sound quality. Each of our sockets are independently wired with single crystal copper cable, with no loss of current delivery anywhere in the unit, and therefore offers superior sound to similarly priced units.

Like its less expensive sibling, the Award Winning Styx block, the Eros is a six way hard wired block however it is a vast improvement in a number of areas:

Firstly the Eros block is hard wired with Eros mains cable which is a single crystal copper cable. This means that the Eros block has incredible current delivery even compared to other hard wired mains blocks it has additional earthing and higher specified mains plugs. It also features heavier 10mm Acrylic legs which further reduce unwanted vibration from entering the block as well as Acrylic panels which help to reduce vibration as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

The Eros block also features a digital display which allows customers to monitor both the incoming mains voltage as well as the current output.

Sonically the Eros block is a massive improvement due to the upgraded mains cable, the upgraded plugs, the more rigid construction and extra earthing. Like the Styx block it has been painstakingly designed to outperform competitors blocks. Like the Styx block the side legs are attached with high quality stainless steel screws which have been specially sourced and these are torqued to ensure correct tension and again to reduce unwanted vibration.

Titan Audio wanted to keep the same characteristics with our power distribution units as our customers have become accustomed to with our cables, therefore quality was at the forefront of our design. The Eros offers flexibility with an IEC input allowing your personal choice of mains cable to truly refine your sound. We recommend the Titan Audio Eros or Nemesis mains cable, as it offers high current delivery into the block.

Eros is the perfect upgrade for any Hi Fi or Home Cinema system. With is streamline design, the power distribution block easily fits into any system, and can be used with everything from entry level to high end systems. Built to work perfectly with all our our mains cable range, with the same high quality connections, offering perfect fitment everytime!


Titan Eros 

The second cable in the level 2 range is constructed with OCC single crystal copper. Yes ! thats right copper! But with good reason! This is a more expensive cable than the silver plated Elektra however the Eros is no ordinary copper cable.


OCC is often reffered to as continuous casting as the cable is one continuous single crystal which allow the electrons to flow easily through it. With standard copper, when magnified the copper contains millions of crystals, with the flow of electricity having to pass through each individual crystal. This then reduces the flow of elctrons through the cable. OCC is the best copper conductor available as the cable strands are one continuous crystal, meaning the electricity can flow through it easily, allowing for elections to flow without impedance


US 6 way

UK 6 way

Aluminium Body + 10mm Acrylic legs 



The cable then acts as a filter against disturbances in the AC mains supply. This results on a much lower background noise (creating inky black silences), cleaner and sweeter sound in the high frequencies and more depth and control in the bass frequencies. It also leads to enhanced detail retrieval.

The Eros cable is twisted and like the Elektra is sheathead in a PTFE dialectic with aluminium foil and a drain wire to reduce the effect of RFI and EMI interfence both mains borne and airborne. It is sheathead in an attractive grey/black woven material and it is fitted with a laboratory grade MK mains plug and an Oyaide red copper IEC Plug. This cable has been designed specially to work with power amplifiers including large integrated amplifiers, due to its exceptional power delivery.