Oyaide Continental 5S V2 USB Cable

Oyaide Continental 5S V2 USB Cable
  • Oyaide Continental 5S V2 USB Cable
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    5S V2
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    USB Cable
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The biggest feature of "Continental 5S" is the 5N pure silver used in the signal line. Under the advanced production control, not only the purity, but also the crystal structure must be considered. High-frequency electric furnace continuous casting, 19 cold rolling processes, two annealing processes, diamond die wire drawing, and finishing processes must be carried out. It is a high-quality silver thread. As a result, a conductor that is aligned and crystallized without stress and strain is completed.

In addition, the power plant must be extra careful. Considering the flexibility and safety of the cable, AWG22 "102 SSC" stranded wire was selected. For insulators, use FEP, which has the lowest dielectric constant of all insulators. In addition, 100% pure silk with low capacitance and no static electricity is used for cable insertion, which greatly helps to improve the transmission characteristics of "Continental 5S".

In addition, a suspended hybrid shield with high shielding performance independent of signal power in shielding. It can protect broadband noise and show a high level of shielding performance. Perfect impedance matching is the most important focus in cable production. "Continental 5S" is produced under advanced production control by requiring domestic cooperative factories to produce medical cables, etc., which has stable transmission characteristics. And its transmission performance not only surpasses the USB 2.0 (HI-SPEED mode) standard, but also shows the transmission characteristics that can be said to be beyond the specification.

Of course, the terminal connector also has a strong sense of humor. ROHAS compatible high-quality copper alloys that do not contain lead or iron are used as key contacts for signal transmission. Contact plating uses two-layer direct plating, which has reliable records in many products, and has conductivity and durability. The first layer is made of pure silver, which has the highest conductivity among noble metals, and the second layer is made of high-strength rhodium plating. In addition, a machined brass shell is mounted on the connector to prevent the connector from being affected by external noise.

Product name Continental 5S V2
Cable signal line: 0.5mm 5N sterling silver core x twisted pair PFA insulation
Power line: AWG22 102 SSC twisted pair PFA insulation
Signal line and power line are each covered with copper foil shield 100% silk filament
Plug Original USB plug Electrode material: RoHS compliant copper alloy
Electrode plating: silver + rhodium
Cover: Machined brass, Verichrome plated
Standard High-speed communication USB2.0 with transmission speed of 480 Mbps (HI-SPEED mode)