Pangea Audio Premier Digital Cables 1 meter

Pangea Audio Premier Digital Cables 1 meter
  • Pangea Audio Premier Digital Cables 1 meter
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Premium Entry-Level Coaxial Digital Cable
Trust your coaxial digital audio connections to a great-sounding cable that was designed to exceed audiophile specifications at a highly affordable price. Pangea Audio's Premier coaxial digital cable features precision-wound 18-gauge conductors using a premium 1.25% silver-plated OFC copper signal conductor. It also boasts an exotic form of PE insulation that to our knowledge has never been used in a digital coaxial cable before, the highest quality Prime 250BA RCA connectors, and a tough woven nylon braided jacket.

As Perfect As Anyone Could Make Them
When Pangea Audio first approached legendary designer Jay Victor and asked him to design an audiophile coaxial digital cable that would excel with hi-res music files, Jay became very excited.

"You won't believe this, but I've already worked on this problem for a while," Jay told Pangea. "A couple of years ago, another high-end audio cable company approached me about designing coaxial digital cables. The owner of that company was very challenging to work with. He demanded that everything be as exact and perfect as possible before he would approve it.

"I worked countless hours with the factory on these designs, and I learned a great deal in the process. Finally, they were as perfect as anyone could make them. Then the company I was designing them for was sold. The new management team took the entire product line in another direction. All my designs and work were abandoned. I was really bummed out, not only because my designs weren't going to be made, but also because the cables I designed were so amazingly good for the money, I wanted others to enjoy them."

The Right Materials in the Right Combination
"What I discovered on the earlier project was that, while you can spend a fortune on exotic materials and make a very good – although very expensive – coaxial cable, it's really the right materials used in the right combination that makes this cable great," Jay said. "I found several combinations of the latest generation of materials that produce outstanding results but don't break the bank on cost."

This sounded great to the folks at Pangea Audio, and they green-lighted the digital coaxial cable project. A few months later, Jay got back to them.

Breakthrough Entry-Level Premier
"I created three coaxial digital cables for you," Jay went on. "The entry-level cable, called Premier, is similar to the step-up model in design (Premier SE), but entry-level Premier uses the highest-grade OFC copper instead of Cardas copper. I just couldn't afford to use Cardas at this price point. The Premier cable will outperform any cable under $100 because of the overall design and also because I used an exotic form of PE insulation that to my knowledge has never been used in a digital coaxial cable before. It's expensive, but I found it to be worth a modest price increase."

Proper shielding is crucial to digital audio cable performance. Any noise or interference that enters a digital audio cable distorts the sound. For rejection of airborne RF and EMI noise and interference, Premier uses double-layer shielding, consisting of a highly effective aluminum/mylar foil shield.

Beautifully Made, Prime 250BA RCAs
The finishing touch of Pangea Premier coaxial digital cable is the beautifully made Prime 250BA termination. These RCAs feature gold-plated ground contacts, a gold-plated center pin, a polyoxymethylene insulator, and a premium hand-soldered connection.

Extremely Durable Baked-on Chromium Finish
Covering the RCA is a non-magnetic metal barrel with a baked-on chromium finish. We asked the designer, Jay Victor, why he chose this finish. "I've designed and built over one hundred RCA cables for various brands around the world and found that after months or years of use, the paint will eventually flake off the barrel. This chrome finish is extremely durable and will last for years without cracking or flaking," answered Jay. "And besides, it looks sexy, doesn't it?"

We definitely agree with Jay. You won't find better a better entry-level coaxial digital cable for anywhere near the price of Premier. It will make a big performance improvement to your system.

  • Premium 1.25% Silver-Plated Oxygen-Free Copper
  • Double-Layer Shielding (Aluminum/Mylar Foil Shield)
  • Advanced Polyethylene Foam Insulation (Dielectric) Cable Jacket: PVC with Braided Nylon Outer Jacket
  • Prime 250BA RCA Termination (see below)


Prime 250BA RCA

  • Gold-plated Ground Contacts
  • Gold-plated Center Pin
  • Non-magnetic Metal RCA Cover
  • Polyoxymethylene Insulator
  • Premium Hand-soldered Connection