Audio Hungary MC step up transformer

Audio Hungary MC step up transformer
  • Audio Hungary MC step up transformer
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In January 2016, the impedance matching transformer of Audio-Hungary Ltd., specifically developed for moving coil cartridges of record players, was launched and prior to that, in November 2015, it was officially presented.

This passive device named Qualiton MC features a fairly aesthetical, shiny polished stainless steel outer casing. Inside of this casing, a pair of transformers is placed. Each transformer features a permalloy cover and the special winding, placed on the bakelite coil former makes it really unique. The high bandwidth is ensured by using quality winding and a special plastic, thus offering low distortion transmission of signal components, fed into the input of the matching transformer. The nominal amplification of the appliance is +24 dB. Having mentioned the input of the impedance matching unit: while designing this device we strove for the shortest possible signal paths, and among the input and output RCA sockets there is a highly accessible ground point.

Basically, the position, most appropriate for the actual cartridge, can be chosen out of three source impedance ranges: 2-10 Ohm; 10-50 Ohm. This solution proved to be far better than so-called ‘universal’ solutions using switches and parallel resistors.



Name Value
Nominal output level 5 mV
Input sensitivity 0.325 mV
Number of input ports 1 unbalanced input per channel
Number of output ports 1 unbalanced output per channel
Turn ratio 1:18
Total harmonic distortion < 0.02% (nominal output level)
Frequency response 5 Hz - 90 kHz (-3dB)
Nominal source impedance 2 - 10 Ohm; 10 - 50 Ohm; optionally, factory tuning based on individual needs
Nominal load impedance 47 kOhm
Input impedance 145 Ohm
Gain (with nominal load) +24 dB
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 x 8 x 15,5 cm