Ricable Magnus Digital Coaxial Cable

Ricable Magnus Digital Coaxial Cable
  • Ricable Magnus Digital Coaxial Cable
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Performing Digital Transmission

Magnus Coaxial is a less sophisticated cable than Dedalus and Invictus, but retains the same functional philosophy. Its purpose is the correct transmission of the digital signal and protection from interference.

+100% performance compared to a standard cable*.

Conductor 0.9 mm2 Copper OFC

Four Screens

Copper/Tellurium connectors

MAGNUS COAXIAL - Hi-End Coaxial Digital 75 Ohm RCA Hi-Fi Cable

Ideal for connecting DACs in digital audio with medium to high quality equipment and bringing out their acoustic performance. Copper conductor and Copper/Tellurium connecto

Magnus Coaxial

The digital audio connection is certainly a neuralgic contact between two digital components and therefore substantially characterises the result of your listening. The use of a low level cable compromises the transmission of this signal, as valuable as delicate, with the occurrence of a whole series of problems typical of the digital connection: interference, dissonance, tonal flatness and metallic sound are just some of the defects that affect this delicate connection.

Key features

Magnus Coaxial allows you to transmit the digital signal between your equipment with Efficiency and Protection, in order to enjoy the full potential that your system can give you.

DESIGN: Magnus Coaxial represents the first step towards perfect signal transmission. It is made with technological solutions derived from the superior Dedalus and Invictus series, which guarantee an exclusive and durable support for your equipment.

SOLID CORE CONDUCTOR: Magnus Coaxial is based on a 0.9 mm2 Solid-Core conductor made of 99.999% OFC copper with a special high-expansion polyethylene dielectric, which allows the impedance to be kept constant at 75 Ohm.

QUADRUPLE SHIELDING: The shielding is quadruple, with double tinned OFC copper braiding combined with two Aluminium/Mylar sheets, to block any type of interference harmful to digital signals and avoid the typical defects of digital interference pollution.

COPPER/TELLUM CONNECTORS 20% compared to BRASS: Connectors with contacts made entirely of copper. With these connectors there is an improvement in electrical parameters of over 20% compared to common brass connectors. 24K Gold plated with specific Gold/Copper electrolysis technique.

Models of the Magnus Coaxial Series:


mod. MC05: 0.5 m cable

mod. MC1: 1 metre cable

mod. MC2: 2 metre cable

mod. MC3: 3 metre cable

mod. MC5: 5 metre cable