Oyaide MTB-6 II Power Distribution Block

Oyaide MTB-6 II Power Distribution Block
  • Oyaide MTB-6 II Power Distribution Block
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    MTB-6 II
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    Power Distribution Block
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The "MTB-4 II" and "MTB-6 II" are the 2 mm thick non-magnetic brass housing, skin pass processed 2 mm diameter sterling silver internal wiring, and mirror surface treatment that the conventional "MTB" model had. While inheriting the basic elements such as direct-plated MTB special power outlet "SWO-DX-ULTIMO" connected in parallel and no noise filter circuit, the resonance point is newly dispersed by a composite configuration of different materials. We have improved the vibration and thoroughly strengthened the area around the ground.

While maintaining the dry sound output with the power and speed of sound, which is said to be the characteristics of Oyaide Denki's power supply accessories, we have created a new balance in line with the times when more accurate and high-resolution playback is required. ..

Due to the characteristics of the "MTB" series products, which only have a power strip housing that does not come with a power cable, the nature of the sound changes depending on the power cable connected from the wall outlet. However, among the many Oyaide power strips, the carefully controlled neutral nature of the "MTB II" series does not interfere with the sound quality trends of your favorite audio systems and accessories, and can be used for sound sources regardless of music genre. It faithfully brings out the original charm of the music and reproduces the details of the music in deeper and finer detail.

The "MTB II" series has been tuned for the quality of evolution rather than the amount of change in sound so that new joy can be given to audio files.

Product name MTB-6Ⅱ
Case 2 mm thick brass case (matte black paint)
Outlet MTB II dedicated SWO-DX-ULTIMO (thick silver plating + rhodium plating)
Internal wiring 4N Sterling silver 2mm single wire (AC power supply part) / Oyaide 3398-14 (earth part)
Inlet Power Inlet PP (Platinum plating + Palladium plating)
Spikes Special brass spikes
Solder Oyaide SS-47
Housing dimensions / weight W75mm x D390mm x H60mm / 2240g
Rated 125V / 15A Indoor <PS> E certified product