Phasemation T-550 MC Stepup Transformer

Phasemation T-550 MC Stepup Transformer
  • Phasemation T-550 MC Stepup Transformer
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We are pursuing concepts such as the magnetic flux control technology and the mounting structure of the transformer that was cultivated in the T-1000 released in 2019 which had won many awards. We adopted a 10mm thick aluminum slant panel which was used in the new generation models such as the EA-350 and was designed in the same accordance. We will release the MC step-up transformer, T 550, which brings about spatial expression having abounding information. This was difficult in the conventional products.

Special balanced input, and a set of RCA input is also available. Frequency: 10-50kHz (+/-2dB)
Gain value: 26dB
Applicable MC cartridge internal resistance: 1.5-40Ω

Best Cartridge’s Output Impedance*1 1.5 – 40 ohms
Load Impedance 47k ohms
Gain 26dB
Frequency Range 10 – 50kHz (+2dB)
Frequency Response
Dimensions W: 174 x H: 90 x D: 173
Weight 2.1kg
Input / Output Terminals (XLR, RCA) Gold Plated Terminals

*1: The cartridge that can be used has an output impedance of 1.5 – 40 ohms.