Oyaide AR-910 XLR to XLR Cable Made in JP

Oyaide AR-910 XLR to XLR Cable Made in JP
  • Oyaide AR-910 XLR to XLR Cable Made in JP
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The selection of the connector is one of the most important factors that determine the quality of transmission capability of an interconnect cable. In order to produce the ultimate analog/digital hybrid interconnect cable, we have started to make a selection of the best XLR connector right after we released FTVS-910, the twin-axis pure silver interconnects. As a result of repeated listening tests, the one that proved the highest performance was our original XLR connector, FOCUS 1. As the AR-910, the collaboration between FTVS-910 and FOCUS 1 made astonishing progress in lossless and natural signal transmission. AR-910, made of premium materials, will elevate your listening pleasure to radically new heights.

The most distinctive feature of AR-910 is 5N pure silver conductor which is produced by advanced manufacturing processes including the continuous casting process that takes place in a high-frequency electric furnace, 19 stages of cold rolling, a drawing process and a final annealing operation. The insulator is also significant in enhancing the transmitting capabilities of the cable. For the purpose of lessening signal loss, we employed PFA which provides excellent electrical isolation and low electric permittivity. And also we selected PE (Polyethylene) which keeps permittivity to a minimum and enhances the flexibility of the cable. This layering of these different materials not only enhances the conductor's electric capabilities but also attenuates internal vibration by altering the resonance point. The ultra silent background of the AR-910 is provided by a triple-layered shielding structure. The first semiconductor layer attenuates static noise and electric micro waves. The second copper foil shielding protects against high-frequency noise. The third, silver plated mesh shielding, protects against low-frequency noise. Furthermore, FOCUS 1, the original XLR connector, is attached to the terminals of AR-910. By its one-touch push-pull function, cable clamp and ball-bearing locking system, it actualized smooth insertion and tight holding capability. The materials are closely examined for the ultimate quality. The brass body is plated by hard chrome. The contact pins are made of phosphor bronze and plated by silver and rhodium. Each component is processed with remarkable accuracy by CNC machining.

Free Cable Burn-In Service Option Using audiodharma Cable Cooker™

Conductor : 1.0mm 5N(99.9995%)Pure Silver
Insulator/Filling layer : PFA/ Foamed polyethylene
Shielding : PE / Copper foil + Silver plated copper mesh
Outer sheath : UV protective polyurethane
Impedance : 110 Ω
Capacitance : 72.1 nF/Km
Attenuation : 74.5 dB/Km
Conductor resistance : 25 Ω/Km
Diameter : 8.5mm
Connector : FOCUS 1


Length : 1M, 1.3M